A Discreet End To End

Confidentiality is at the core of our process. We never send your sensitive information to long lists of contacts, but carefully match your business with a small number of highly appropriate buyers. We manage the whole process in-house, with meticulous attention to detail at every stage. The sales process can be daunting. We will liaise with the buyer and with all professionals so that you are free to continue to run your business.


Sector Specialists

We specialise in the Health, Social Care & Education sectors. We have worked on transactions in Children’s Care & Education (including Fostercare; Residential Care; Mainstream and Special Education Schools) and Adult Services (including Complex Care; Live in Care; Case Management and Domiciliary Care). The members of the Phoenix team have all worked in these sectors for many years and have a deep understanding as both advisers and also as operators.  Our knowledge of the sector and the market is up to date and detailed.


Maximise Potential Value

We work hard to get the very best outcome for you. You have invested many years in your business, it is only right that you reap the rewards. Our experience and industry insight gets you the best possible return. We have a strong track record of completing often complex deals efficiently and in tight timeframes.


A Single Point of Contact

You will always deal with a partner at Phoenix. They will have a detailed understanding of your business at every stage. You can speak to them directly, they will keep you informed at all times. We are all seasoned professionals!   Phoenix provides a truly partner-led service.


Access To An
Exclusive Network

Our professional experience is unique and extensive. Over the years, we have built the kinds of relationships and connections that cannot be replicated. You’ll get the benefit of our impressive network of contacts.