Business Planning

We can assist you in writing a Business Plan that demonstrates clear objectives, strategies, market information and financial forecasts. Your Business Plan is the starting point for understanding where your business is now and where you want it to be.

Business Strategy

Your business strategy should ensure that your business is competitive, efficient and able to deliver sustainable growth. Phoenix will work with you through the planning, positioning and process stages of building an appropriate strategy. 

Business Development

This is not just about adding to your customer base, but also involves strengthening relationships with your existing customers. Phoenix will work with you to identify opportunities and help you create a team to implement effective business development.

Change Management

Organisational change involves effective communication, understanding, consultation and involvement between management and staff.   Phoenix will support you through the process by ensuring you ask the right questions, agree actions and create and implement the plan for change.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationships need careful management to ensure that you retain your current customers and continue to offer them improved services while also attracting new customers. Phoenix will analyse your customer base and provide you with marketing strategies to increase your business profile.