Our Sales Process

We offer expert advice, guidance and support throughout the process of selling your business

Step One

Initial Contact & Business Valuation

We will

  • Treat all enquiries in strictest confidence
  • Meet with you at a time and venue of your choice
  • Take time to understand you and your business
  • Tell you what information we require to provide you with a business valuation
  • Provide a business valuation and a full explanation of how it was calculated

Step Two

Identifying & Approaching the Right Buyers

We will

  • Understand how important it is to you to sell to the right buyers
  • Listen to your views and target potential buyers using our extensive market knowledge
  • Market your business to buyers who we know will have a genuine interest in your business
  • Allocate a Project Name to your business in order to safeguard confidentiality
  • Not disclose any specific details of your business until potential buyers have signed a Confidentiality Agreement

Step Three

Presenting Your Business

We will

  • Create a professional presentation of your business to be used in buyer meetings
  • Attend all meetings with you to provide support throughout the presentation and discussion

Step Four

Negotiating & Agreeing the Sale

We will ensure

  • We fully understand both your requirements and those of the buyer
  • Negotiations run as smoothly as possible
  • You and the buyer are kept fully informed throughout the process
  • Agreed “Heads of Terms” are signed to secure the negotiated terms

Step Five

Due Diligence

We will

  • Coordinate the Due Diligence process, which ensures that your business meets legal, financial and operational requirements
  • Carry out our own operational due diligence prior to that of the buyer to give you the opportunity to ensure everything is up to date and accurate before the buyer’s visit

Step Six

Contract & Completion

We will

  • Continue to guide and support you through the discussions to agree a mutually acceptable contract with the buyer
  • Ensure the contract is agreed and signed, which completes the sale